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Thailand’s airlines avoided inclusion in the European Commission’s (EC) Air Safety List, a 228-airline list of shame made public last Friday (December 11).

Following the downgrading of its safety rating by the FAA from category 1 to category 2 earlier this month, effectively banning Thai carriers from opening new routes to the US, some feared that EASA would be the next regulator to follow suit by red flagging Thailand’s airlines.

While its omission from the list was no doubt met with a sigh of relief from Thailand’s aviation authorities fearful of imposed restrictions and flight bans over European skies, both EASA and the EC didn't completely let Thailand off the hook.

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FAA downgrades Thailand’s safety rating

The FAA has downgraded Thailand’s aviation safety rating after its civil aviation body failed to rectify failings found in an audit earlier this year.

In a statement released on Tuesday (December 1), the FAA said that Thailand’s Department of Civil Aviation “did not comply” with ICAO’s safety standards and its rating would be lowered to category 2 status.

This means restrictions will now be applied to Thai carriers, including them being banned from opening new routes to the US.

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