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When Will U.S. Majors Modernize Maintenance IT?

Maintenance IT vendors and consultants have been drooling for years at the prospect of one of the big-three U.S. majors replacing its 40 year-old, patch-work maintenance system with a thoroughly modern maintenance or Enterprise Resource Planning system. When might that actually happen?

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Exploiting Big Data Requires Mobility

Conventional maintenance IT systems do not analyze Big Data, but they must be prepared to support and exploit this analysis. This means maintenance IT must be mobile for two reasons. First, analysts will need data from every touchpoint, including line work. The only way to get this data without imposing additional burdens on techs is to let them enter it once, on their mobile devices.

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ASD Expands RFID Support

RFID tagging of aircraft components may not have been much in the news lately, but it is steadily growing in applications and the software tools to support it. At its Customer Conference in Dublin in September Aerospace Software Developments released version 5.0 of its RFIDAero suite of business solutions.

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