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ICAO is developing a series of regulatory changes aimed at reducing the plethora of duplicative oversight and certifications required by approved maintenance organizations (AMOs).
The agency is working toward improving and harmonizing global standards for AMOs, ICAO technical officer for airworthiness Maimuna Taal-Ndure said during the second annual meeting of the Asia MRO League Expert Group. ICAO also hopes to encourage more state regulators to recognize and accept certification by other nations instead of conducting their own reviews.

As a first step, ICAO is moving the approval of AMOs from Annex 6 of its regulations, which focuses on operation of aircraft, to Annex 8, which covers airworthiness. This move is expected to clarify confusion that sometimes arises over whether the state of the operator or the state of aircraft registry are responsible for these approvals, Taal-Ndure said. The change would confirm that it is the state of aircraft registry that would have responsibility.

This proposal has already been sent to states for comment, and is expected to be adopted in 2017. There would  be a phase-in period for states to adjust their own regulations, and the changes would be applicable from 2020.

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Alongside key players in the lithium battery supply chain, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has called on governments to enforce stricter international regulations regarding the transportation of lithium batteries.

While lithium batteries are considered to be “very safe” by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) they can be dangerous and have caused a number of fires on board aircraft and during ground handling.

Due to their high energy levels and the fire risk they pose if damaged, such batteries must be stored properly during flights. On its website, the CAA explains that poor quality or counterfeit batteries are known to be in circulation and pose an additional safety risk.

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