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Brazilian aircraft maker Embraer has unveiled plans to ramp up its services offering by creating a new division focused on customer services and support.

Led by Johann Bordais, currently director of services and support for Embraer Commercial Aviation, the new division will begin operating in the first half of 2017 with a remit to develop support solutions for existing and future products and services, along with managing associated processes and resources.

The thinking behind the move appears to center on growth and integration, according to Paulo Cesar Silva, Embraer president and CEO. “The new business will bring together capabilities that are currently spread throughout different business areas to offer customers a broad portfolio of solutions,” he said. “We see an opportunity to expand and integrate services and support.”

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When Will U.S. Majors Modernize Maintenance IT?

Maintenance IT vendors and consultants have been drooling for years at the prospect of one of the big-three U.S. majors replacing its 40 year-old, patch-work maintenance system with a thoroughly modern maintenance or Enterprise Resource Planning system. When might that actually happen?

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Exploiting Big Data Requires Mobility

Conventional maintenance IT systems do not analyze Big Data, but they must be prepared to support and exploit this analysis. This means maintenance IT must be mobile for two reasons. First, analysts will need data from every touchpoint, including line work. The only way to get this data without imposing additional burdens on techs is to let them enter it once, on their mobile devices.

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Smarter Tech Training With Computers 

As FAA moves toward new rules for training maintenance techs, the training industry is moving toward more modern tools. CPaT Global, which provides distance learning for both mechanics and other aviation professionals, has secured Boeing technical data to support its computer-based training.

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