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The future of aerospace manufacturing is digital

To keep pace with an increasingly competitive international market, it’s crucial that the UK’s aerospace industry continues to find ways to improve passenger experience whilst scaling back costs and becoming more energy efficient. To support this, the UK Government invested £100 million last year, aiming to attract new skills, technology and innovation to the industry.

Finding new means of reducing weight, cutting down on emissions, and increasing cargo and cabin capacity, airline manufacturers have embraced the spirit of innovation by turning to the latest in digital manufacturing technology as the key way forward.

Organisations across a range of industries are currently enjoying new and exciting opportunities to transform their business and improve their speed to market through employing digital manufacturing technology. The advances in automation and the new types of manufacturing processes it offers, running in parallel with significant developments in existing technology, represent part of an ongoing transformation within the aerospace industry.

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This aviation enthusiast has got all excited after NASA confirmed on Monday (February 29) that it is developing a new supersonic demonstration aircraft that could potentially fill the void left by the retired Concorde.

NASA administrator Charles Bolden announced the aircraft would be the first in a series of X-Planes part of the US space agency’s New Aviation Horizons programme. Bolden said it would look to make flight “greener, safer and quieter - all while developing aircraft that travel faster, and building an aviation system that operates more efficiently”.

Rather than existing as a mere futuristic notion on a piece of paper, NASA has started the ball rolling to explore turning the idea into a reality. It has contracted Lockheed Martin to the tune of $20m for the preliminary design and development of Quiet Supersonic Technology (QueSST) aimed at suppressing the aircraft’s sonic boom, the noise produced when an aircraft crosses the sound barrier.

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Lockheed Martin Canada to acquire engine MRO assets

Lockheed Martin is to buy the MRO business of Aveos Fleet Performance of Montreal, Canada. Lockheed Martin CEO and president Marillyn Hewson described the acquisition as a chance to enhance the company’s ability to “expand into attractive adjacent market opportunities” and stated that its plan was to “begin engine MRO operations for commercial and military customers later this year”. The new facility will be named Kelly Aviation Center Montreal and becomes part of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics’ engine MRO line of businesses, which also has a facility in San Antonio, Texas.

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