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Boeing delivered 748 commercial aircraft in 2016, maintaining its position as the world’s biggest aircraft manufacturer and almost matching its total for 2015.

Net orders, however, fell to 668, 100 fewer than in 2015, despite a big order from GECAS for 75 737 MAX 8 aircraft at the tail end of the year.

Accounting for cancellations, there were 550 orders for the 737; 17 for the 747; 26 for the 767; 17 for the 777; and 58 for the 787.

Meanwhile, Boeing delivered 490 of its best-selling line, the 737 – a rate of 41 aircraft per month for 2016.

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Boeing has sought to sway the policy of president-elect Donald Trump by announcing a contract for 80 wide- and narrowbody aircraft with Iran Air.

The deal, which builds on a memorandum of understanding from the summer, was reached according to the terms of a government licence issued to Boeing in September. 

However, that licence could be revoked if Trump follows through on campaign promises to rip up an agreement by the Obama administration to ease sanctions on Iran.

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Asia-Pacific will require more than half a million new pilots and technicians over the next 20 years to support commercial aircraft demand, Boeing predicts.

The Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook 2016 estimates that the region will need 248,000 extra flight crew and 268,000 new maintenance personnel. Both figures are roughly 10% higher than what Boeing predicted last year.

China is expected to account for almost half the demand, and South-East Asia for about a quarter.

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Norwegian Air International (NAI) has welcomed a “long overdue” approval from the US Department of Transportation for its foreign carrier permit.

Several large US and European carriers had waged a two-and-a-half year battle to block the award, arguing that NAI’s Irish registration was a flag of convenience.

However, their case was dealt a major blow in April, when the DOT stated that the “NAI appears to meet DOT’s normal standards for award of a permit and that there appears to be no legal basis to deny NAI’s application”.

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Boeing’s appointment of former GE executive Kevin McAllister as its new CEO of Commercial Airplanes marks the latest and most decisive step in its aftermarket evolution.

As head of GE Aviation Services since 2014, McAllister oversaw the engine manufacturer’s cash cow, and Boeing now wants him to mastermind rapid expansion of a new business unit, Boeing Global Services.

This unit will be headed by Stanley Deal, the former CEO of Boeing Commercial Services, which is to be rolled into Boeing Global Services along with Boeing’s defense and space support business.

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