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Boeing delivered 748 commercial aircraft in 2016, maintaining its position as the world’s biggest aircraft manufacturer and almost matching its total for 2015.

Net orders, however, fell to 668, 100 fewer than in 2015, despite a big order from GECAS for 75 737 MAX 8 aircraft at the tail end of the year.

Accounting for cancellations, there were 550 orders for the 737; 17 for the 747; 26 for the 767; 17 for the 777; and 58 for the 787.

Meanwhile, Boeing delivered 490 of its best-selling line, the 737 – a rate of 41 aircraft per month for 2016.

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A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed between Etihad Airways Engineering and Airbus this week to develop a new maintenance service provision for the A380 in Abu Dhabi from 2017.

In a move targeting third-party operators of the aircraft, the cooperation will offer maintenance, engineering and upgrade services for the Airbus superjumbo from the UAE, with consumable and expendable parts provided by Satair, Airbus’ inventory management subsidiary. According to the aircraft manufacturer, the A380 services will be particularly helpful to carriers already possessing in-house MRO capabilities looking to offload some heavy checks and upgrades.

While the long-term future of the A380 program has been questioned by some, following Airbus’ decision to reduce production to just one aircraft per month from 2018, the future of its burgeoning aftermarket repair segment looks to be a bright one.

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Earnings at Airbus have taken an expected hit as the company transitions from development of new aircraft programmes to full-scale production.

Pre-tax income (including one-off items) for the group’s commercial aircraft division was down by more than half for the first nine months of the year, compared with the same period in 2015, while profit in the most recent quarter fell 26 per cent to €354m ($386m).

“As expected the nine-month performance reflects the heavily back-loaded aircraft delivery
schedule, ongoing production ramp-up and transition to new versions of our A320 and A330
aircraft,” said Tom Enders, Airbus group CEO.

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