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Inside MRO

The Aviation Week Network publishes a portfolio of leading publications for professionals in the commercial aviation MRO industry, foremost among them Inside MRO magazine – the premier monthly for the MRO community published as part of Aviation Week Space & Technology.

Presenting complex information in a highly readable format, Inside MRO covers a broad range of subjects in every issue, examining the latest trends and technologies in the commercial aircraft MRO sector. The magazine also contains the latest MRO news, contracts, regulatory updates and expert opinion from leading industry figures. A truly international publication, Inside MRO is distributed among key decision-makers worldwide, with a circulation in excess of 34,000 across the USA, Europe and the rest of the world.

Launched in June 2016, Inside MRO expands on the coverage of its predecessors, Aviation Week's MRO Edition and MRO Network's Aircraft Technology Engineering & Maintenance. Presenting complex technical information in a clear and easy-to read format, the magazine is published monthly as part of Aviation Week Space & Technology with six standalone issues distributed at industry events.

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The 2017 Engine Yearbook

Launched in 1995, The Engine Yearbook is a unique publication for the global aero-engine community.

With a circulation of 6,000, it is the reference work of choice for airlines, engine OEMs and engine aftermarket companies.

The Engine Yearbook examines every aspect of engine development, overhaul, leasing and specialist repairs. Articles are accompanied by comprehensive directory listings of the world’s leading engine/APU overhaul shops and specialist engine repair companies.

A subscription to The Engine Yearbook costs $90. The 2017 Engine Yearbook will be available from the 30 November 2016.

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The 2016 MRO Yearbook

 Launched in 2007, The MRO Yearbook is the ideal source of reference for airlines, OEMs and MROs,
containing features examining every aspect of commercial aviation maintenance alongside an updated
global airframe heavy maintenance directory.

Each issue contains articles providing forecasts on the MRO market; outlining the latest trends in
airframe, engine and component maintenance; sharing best practice in supply chain management
and the latest developments in IT.

A subscription to The MRO Yearbook costs $90.

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