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    Smarter Tech Training With Computers 


    Henry Canaday, Washington

    As FAA moves toward new rules for training maintenance techs, the training industry is moving toward more modern tools. CPaT Global, which provides distance learning for both mechanics and other aviation professionals, has secured Boeing technical data to support its computer-based training.

    For mechanics, CPaT offers courses that meet the ATA 104 Level 1 General Familiarization requirements for Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, ATR, Saab, Fokker and former McDonnel Douglas aircraft, explains Sales & Marketing Vice President Greg Darrow. For 2017, the firm is developing ATA 104 Level 3 courses for 737NGs and MAXs, 777s, A320s and A320neos. “More fleets will follow after 2017,” Darrow says.

    CPaT currently provides distance learning for both flight departments and maintenance departments of over 150 airlines and maintenance shops. Darrow says Boeing technical data will support computer-based training on all Boeing models and significant variants and on all their major systems and components. “Our maintenance courses will include primary aviation systems, similar to pilot training, but in deeper detail for supporting components suitable for maintenance personnel. The use of licensed Boeing data in development of courseware for pilot and maintenance training is very important to our airline and maintenance clients.”

    The CPaT exec says his firm is currently in discussions with other OEMs about similar licensing agreements. “Our hope is to reach agreements sometime in 2017.”

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