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    SAA Extends TotalCare Trent 700 Services


    South African Airways (SAA) has extended its TotalCare aftermarket agreement with Rolls-Royce to cover the Trent 700 engines powering five of its A330 aircraft that are entering service.

    The contract value is worth $180 million and was announced during a visit by UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond to South Africa.

    The five A330s are being added to the six Airbus widebodies already operated by SAA.

    Musa Zwane, acting CEO of SAA, said: “We have had a good operating experience with the Trent 700 and look forward to it powering more of our aircraft in the future.

    TotalCare service is critical to us, ensuring our aircraft are available for service.”

    According to Aviation Week’s Commercial Aviation Fleet & MRO Forecast, approximately 1,656 Trent 700 engines will be in-service across the global fleet in 2017.

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