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    Marana, Ascent Confirm Merger


    Aircraft repair specialists Marana Aerospace Solutions and Ascent Aviation Services have confirmed plans to merge and form a single MRO entity for widebody and narrowbody jets in North America.
    The combined company will offer maintenance, flight line, storage and reclamation services out of two facilities. Marana is based at Tucson International Airport in Arizona, while Ascent is headquartered around 35 miles away.
    David Querio, president, who was also the former president of Ascent from 2009 to 2013, said that combining Marana and Ascent means that customers can procure all maintenance, storage, and end-of-life services in a single location rather than requiring three or four different facilities.
    “Beyond the obvious cost synergies, there are exciting new growth opportunities for us,” Querio said. “The companies share similar values and approaches and we plan to leverage that to become the premier choice for our customers.”
    In addition to Querio, the united company’s leadership includes Matthew Ray as CEO, Jack Keating, Ascent’s chief commercial officer and general manager, and Randy Buol, Marana’s vice-president of operations.
    The new company’s certifications include approvals from the FAA, EASA, and the aviation agencies of Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and Nigeria.

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