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    AJW Takes A340 Consignment


    AJW Group has signed an agreement with an unnamed lessor to take an Airbus A340-500 and has earmarked the aircraft for teardown.

    From this month, AJW will send the airframe, engines and APU to Tarmac Aerosave for teardown in Spain.

    UK-based AJW will oversee management of the entire process, from customer requests to the sale, exchange and loan of components.

    This also includes the tracking of parts, monthly sales reports and no additional administration fees.

    Conrad Vandersluis, AJW’s vice-president strategic of material and asset management, said: “This is an exciting opportunity for AJW, as our consignment team has a wealth of experience in this area and the part-out will help bolster our A340/A330 stock, benefiting our existing Airbus customers by increasing our service capability.”

    To date, AJW’s consignment business has completed over 50 individual projects, including airframes and engines. 

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