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    STSLM Opens New Line Station in New York


    STS Line Maintenance (STSLM), a division of STS Aviation, has opened a new line maintenance station in West Plaines, New York to cover commercial and regional carriers operating out of nearby Westchester County Airport.

    Florida-headquartered STSLM said the new facility, manned by FAA certified maintenance technicians, will operate daily from 5am until midnight, seven days a week.

    It will also have the capability to store spare aircraft parts, which STS said will help deliver overall customer cost-savings.

    “We are extremely excited to get the new station up and running,” indicates Robby Bush, vice-president and general manager of STSLM.

    “It is on-call service station, and our team is excited to work with both new and existing clients to help ensure that all of the commercial and regional aircraft we work on are able to get to their final destinations both on time and safely.”


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