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About MRO Network Events

For over 20 years the team behind MRO Network has been delivering a series of events for the global aircraft engineering and maintenance community. Our conferences, exhibitions and workshops provide unparalleled opportunities for professionals from across the commercial aviation aftermarket to network and collaborate with peers, to discuss and debate the very latest challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

People who really want to learn something go to an MRO Network event

MRO Network events offer unbeatable content – in terms of topics covered, the speakers who deliver them and the format in which they are presented. These programmes are created with a “for the industry, by the industry” approach which sees our team of MRO industry experts finding out from both airlines and suppliers what they want to see covered most of all.

Our programmes aren’t dictated by a single group within the community, which is why you’ll sometimes see quite contentious, often heated debates taking place. Best of all, you can tell us what you want to hear and we’ll leverage our global network to deliver it – be it through a whole new event or through raising a new issue within an existing event.

By attending MRO Network events – you become part of the global network

MRO Network events offer a range of ways for you to both catch up with old colleagues and develop your pool of new contacts. Our events offer all attendees the chance to shake hands with a range of MRO practitioners. Our conferences and workshops deliver manageable, select groups of the people you really need to meet – both existing contacts and the all important new ones.

If you don’t get to meet someone at one of the receptions then you can see them at one of the coffee breaks – or at lunch. You can also sit next to them in conference sessions or at a workshop. Our events take place in aviation hubs around the world, allowing you to gain a regional perspective from an international audience. Because of all these factors we believe we offer the smartest ROI when it comes to spend on event-related travel.