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Boeing 777 Exit And Redeployment

Pascal Picano, SVP and Head of Global Marketing, Apollo Aviation Group, details the lessor’s recent experiences of trying to purchase and deploy 777 aircraft and specifically the -200, -200ER, -200LR and -300 types.

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Maintenance tips for engine lessors

Engine leasing has changed dramatically in the past five years as rent extensions for older equipment have given way to short-term deals that burn off the remaining service life of a turbofan before teardown. In some respects this has reduced lessors’ maintenance concerns, but accurate knowledge about an asset’s service history can still be the difference between a wise investment and a burden on the balance sheet. Alex Derber reports.

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The Middle East’s challenge: can MROs keep up with growth?

The demand for Middle Eastern MRO services is predicted to double within the next decade. Can Middle Eastern MROs keep up? James Careless reports on this ‘mixed blessing’ scenario.

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MRO focus: Asia

The rising economic tides that have surged across the Asia-Pacific region in recent years continue to lift the aerospace business and with it, a fast-growing Asian MRO sector. Even choppy waters in China’s stock market this past summer don’t appear to be slowing the tide appreciably in the region’s $16.5bn MRO business. David Armstrong reports.

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Handsfree, heads down: Voice control technology driving the new generation of MRO in aviation

With wireless technology becoming more prevalent in MRO, the industry is seeking new ways to aid maintenance checks. Jeff Pike of IFS discusses how the voice control technology is being used in MRO.

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The challenge of heating an aircraft hangar

Civil aviation establishments need to consider how best to reduce the burden of the Climate Change Levy (CCL) while also ensuring that hangars and maintenance sheds are fit for purpose and provide a comfortable working environment for personnel. 

Investment in energy-efficient heating can contribute substantially to minimising the tax burden but, due to their vast size, aircraft hangars have never been easy spaces to heat.

Nick Winton, Nor-Ray-Vac divisional manager at Nortek Global HVAC UK, believes the HVAC industry is now equal to the challenge and can deliver solutions that are both effective and economical to run.

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The expert interview: managing compliance

Gregg Brown, director of quality assurance at Southwest Airlines, talks to James Pozzi about the compliance
side of the low-cost carrier’s operation and how the airline manages this in the face of changing
regulation and standards.

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From rising demand to connected flying – What are the big talking points in aerospace?

Chris Jones, global industry lead for aerospace and defence at Cyient, analyses some of the aerospace industry's biggest talking points.

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