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Airline E&M North America Speaker Interview: Marc Bajaj, Spairliners GmbH


To preview Airline Engineering & Maintenance: North America 2016, we've asked some of our speakers to give their thoughts on the industry and what they are looking forward to discussing. Marc Bajaj, Sales Director Americas at Spairliners GmbH, talks about his input at this year's event.

Marc BajajQ. Could you provide a short outline of your company?
SPAIRLINERS is a Joint Venture between Air France Industries KLM E&M and Lufthansa Technik AG, dedicated to supporting the Airbus A380 and Embraer EJET Aircraft through Innovative Component Services and Engineering & Support programs. Most recently, Spairliners has expanded its market presence into the Americas in efforts to address the growing needs of the Operators in the region.

Q. You will be speaking at this year’s conference, can you provide some details about what your main focus will be?
I am participating as a panelist discussing Inventory & Parts Supply Management.  I will focus on Asset Management strategies to mitigate risk and further highlight innovation and technologies to do so. 

Q. What would you say are the main challenges in the aftermarket at the moment?
•    Material and Tooling Availability (Lead times)
•    Cultural:  Rigid supply chain practices and buying behaviors
•    Mitigating risk relating to Inventory investment and divestment - FMV vs Book value 
•    OEM vs 3rd Party Support, adding value
•    Advocacy vs Business Partnership
•    Data sharing

Q. The positive is occasionally lost when we discuss the aftermarket, what would you consider the positives/the drivers in the industry?
•    Innovation
•    Technology
•    Airlines aggressively seeking new ways to cut costs
•    Partnering with Suppliers for Reciprocal business 

Q. What are the key messages you would like people to take away from your contribution to this year’s conference?
Suppliers can act as an advocate for the customer.  This goes above and beyond a traditional business partner relationship.  As an advocate, the supplier becomes an enabler of the customers’ business by offering creative and innovative ways to mitigate (or share) risk and proactive ways to reduce cost. 

Marc Bajaj is speaking on Inventory & Parts Supply Management – Strategies to Streamline Operations and Drive Down Costs on Wednesday October 26 at 2:20PM.

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