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Aero-Engines Europe Speaker Interview: Joachim Kressel


To preview Aero-Engines Europe 2016, we've asked some of our speakers to give their thoughts on the industry and what they are looking forward to discussing. Joachim Kressel, senior manager fleet procurement at Lufthansa, talks about his input at this year's event.

Could you provide a short outline of your company?
Lufthansa Group is one of the world-leading integrated aviation groups, providing passenger transport as well as logistics, MRO services and inflight catering. The Group operates more than 700 aircraft and offers a worldwide network plus the full range of MRO services.

You will be speaking at this year’s conference, can you provide some details about what your main focus will be?
The speech will address the backround of MRO decisions made by airlines.

What would you say are the main challenges in the aftermarket at the moment?
The aftermarket is facing a major reshuffling, from a high number of independent MROs to a small number of OEM-controlled networks. This threatens the profitability of airline customers and may even harm the complete industry.

The positive is occasionally lost when we discuss the aftermarket, what would you consider the positives/the drivers in the industry?
Air traffic is becoming ever safer year by year, which is also a result of excellent aftermarket services, and at the same time the MROs have become much more efficient. Furthermore reliability and time on wing (e.g. of engines) is increasing.

What are the key messages you would like people to take away from your contribution to this year’s conference?
Don’t forget the view of the commercial airlines, they are the only revenue generators in the whole industry and are making the least profit margins!

Joachim Kressel will be speaking Wednesday, September 14 2016 at 2:40 pm - 3:10 pm on Airline Imperatives and MRO Decisions – Scheduling, Service Sourcing and Contract Priorities

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