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Aero-Engines Europe Speaker Interview: Dr. Hooman Rezaei, IAEA


To preview Aero-Engines Europe 2016, we've asked some of our speakers to give their thoughts on the industry and what they are looking forward to discussing. Dr. Hooman Rezaei, President at International Aircraft Engine Association, talks about his input at this year's event.

Q. Could you provide a short outline of your company?
The International Aircraft Engine Association is an independent forum for one of the most sophisticated machinery mankind has ever invented. This association is open to discussion topics ranging from engine design to aftermarket, including new engine selection for aircraft, engine leasing, and asset management. All aircraft engine manufacturers, service providers, lessors, financiers, repair and part vendors and airline operators who have the passion for this product are encouraged to join this group to share perspectives and ask the experts questions in this fascinating field. (

Q. You will be speaking/moderating/chairing at this year’s conference, can you provide some details about what your main focus will be?
The main focus will be to discuss the latest development and market trends in the industry. In addition, discuss areas of advance technologies, merger & acquisitions and strategic collaboration agreements.

Q. What would you say are the main challenges in the aftermarket at the moment?
New technologies and enhanced processes to reduce cost of ownership of legacy engines and OEM monopoly of the new generation of engine MRO.

Q. The positive is occasionally lost when we discuss the aftermarket, what would you consider the positives/the drivers in the industry?
We have newer technology engine families which have enabled us to travel any point to any point on the globe today. As the result, we are burning less gas and have fewer landings and takeoffs taking place everyday keeping our planet clean for the next generation. With advanced technologies, we have longer time on wing, less number of maintenance events, less scrap material but more number of engines flying more passengers around the globe. Our industry is transforming commerce and touching everyone’s life around the world.

Q. What are the key messages you would like people to take away from your contribution to this year’s conference?
As an independent engine expert with the largest aero engine professional network in the history of the industry through the association that I founded in 2008, I monitor the industry from every aspect without any conflict of interest. I can certainly share the latest and explore all critical and interesting areas with the audience as an independent oberserver assisting the audience to walk out of the event with new thoughts and business ideas based on what was discussed.

Dr. Hooman Reszaei will be speaking on 14 September 2016 at 11:20am on: Competition, Cooperation and Diversification – Strategies for an Evolving Industry Landscape

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