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    While US trade bodies fight to prevent budget airline Norwegian from launching a transatlantic service, the future of the long-haul, low-cost industry is being forged in Asia.
    One of its most aggressive exponents has been AirAsiaX, which raised capacity by a fifth last year and intends to add another third before 2015, when its A330/A340 fleet will number 26 aircraft.

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    Alex Derber
    21/08/2014 - 14:31

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    Tom Hart
    16/06/2014 - 16:00
    Airbus Innovation Days: Future factories will speed up certification

    Airbus has, understandably, been concerned by the trend in recent years for certification of new aircraft to take increasingly longer. However, with the A350 the company hopes to reverse the trend and complete certification in one year.

    The A350 XWB production line has been the test bed for a number of novel technologies and techniques that the OEM hopes to roll out in its factories in future. 

    Speaking at the Airbus Innovation Days event last week (June 16–17), Michel Roboam, SVP of manufacturing engineering, described how Airbus plans to make to change how the company’s factories work over the next 16 years. 

    For Airbus the future is in having human-centred, integrated and eco-efficient industrial systems. 

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