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    If you’ve any interest in home décor you’ll no doubt be familiar with the trend for up-cycling – that’s turning old junk into something new and desirable.... Read More
    Excitement about the “3D printing revolution” has waned in recent months, leaving shares in printer manufacturers at record lows and early lay adopters with scorched... Read More
    Lufthansa Technik’s decision to open a heavy maintenance facility in Puerto Rico – its first in the United States – lends further credence to talk of an airframe... Read More
    Imagine a plane that can fly without fuel, yet its energy reserves increase during the flight. Now imagine a plane that can fly around the world in one trip, through both day and... Read More
    Venezuela’s embattled government appears to have finally acceded to airline requests to repatriate $3.8bn of revenue. Lufthansa, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines... Read More

    Talking Point

    If you’ve any interest in home décor you’ll no doubt be familiar with the trend for up-cycling – that’s turning old junk into something new and desirable. It’s seen wine bottles turned into drinking glasses and suitcases into coffee tables, but now UK TV presenter Kevin McCloud has taken it many steps further by asking, ‘what can we make out of an A320?’

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    Mary-Anne Baldwin
    24/04/2014 - 12:28

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    Tony Swift will be Gulfstream’s first field service representative in Africa.

    Greenland Express Air intends to begin flights between Greenland, Iceland and Denmark from June...

    Boeing suffered a 13 per cent year-on-year fall in net profit in Q1 2014, mainly due to a 22 per...

    Following a record year for profit in 2013, Delta Air Lines saw its earnings shoot up in Q1 2014...

    Honeywell Aerospace will open a new electromagnetic compatibility and environmental test...

    Ross Aviation, a US-based fixed base operator (FBO), is to be acquired by Landmark Aviation.

    Vector Aerospace will partner with Atkins Global to produce a safety management system (SMS) to...

    Guest Blog

    20/01/2014 - 15:48
    A new hub airport will not just bring more flights, but jobs and homes across the south east. By Daniel Moylan, the Mayor of London's Chief Aviation Adviser

    London is a hugely attractive city and growing at a phenomenal rate. The population is forecast to reach 8.7 million by 2016 and 10 million by 2030.

    Those numbers show just how great a challenge it is that London is facing: housing is one of the top concerns for Londoners today, and yet we will need to find homes for almost two million more people over the next 16 years. To provide homes, work and an attractive environment for such a rapidly growing population, there could be few more effective interventions than relocating our major airport to the eastern side of the capital, releasing land on the Heathrow site for homes for 200,000 people and simultaneously establishing a new economic driver on the side of the city that has long experienced relative levels of deprivation.

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